Backed by Scotland’s First Minister, Unlocking Ambition is a £4M challenge fund created by the Scottish Government as part of the Programme for Government ‘A Nation with Ambition'. It supports highly ambitious entrepreneurs, chosen for their individual entrepreneurial potential, the quality and innovation of their business and the contribution they can make to an inclusive, Scottish economy.

RSE Unlocking Ambition Enterprise Fellowship Programme

The individuals selected to be part of the inaugural Unlocking Ambition programme have received support from either the RSE’s Unlocking Ambition Enterprise Fellowship (for start-up businesses) or the Scottish Enterprise programme (for more established businesses), which have run in parallel.

The RSE’s programme has supported 20 outstanding, early-stage entrepreneurs, enabling them to establish and develop 20 new, high-growth businesses based in Scotland.

Through the programme, they have received:Unlocking Ambition padlock

  • £25,000-£50,000 maintenance grant
  • Up to £20,000 business development fund
  • Tailored, cutting-edge business training
  • A dedicated mentor
  • Hosting status at a Scottish University or Research Institute
  • Free Membership of Entrepreneurial Scotland (inc businesses mentoring)
  • Free Membership of Scotland House in London
  • Access to the GlobalScot network and the Scottish Investment Bank

Unlocking Ambition fully aligns with the Scottish Government’s agenda on inclusive growth and the Scotland CAN DO movement, underpinning Scotland’s ambition to position the nation as a world-class hub for entrepreneurship.

The RSE’s Unlocking Ambition Enterprise Fellowship programme has accelerated the cohort’s very-early-stage companies; amplifying their ambitions, their potential to succeed and the positive impact their successes can bring to our economy.

Meet the 2018/19 cohort below to find out more about their businesses and achievements: