UK’s Future R&D Strategy

The RSE, in partnership with the Learned Society of Wales (LSW), Royal Irish Academy (RIA) and the Foundation for Science and Technology (FST) recently hosted an online roundtable on R&D intensity in the devolved nations. The discussion, bringing together 20 Fellows from across the RSE, LSW and RIA discussed how the devolved nations can engage with the opportunities arising from the 2020 UK R&D Roadmap.

The discussion considered the respective R&D priorities and needs of the devolved nations and the contribution that the devolved nations can make to helping to ensure that all parts of the UK can realise the benefits of the UK’s future R&D strategy.

The report of the roundtable is available here.

The RSE, LSW and RIA, through the Celtic Academies Alliance, will continue to contribute to the development of the UK’s R&D strategy through ongoing engagement with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, respective devolved governments and research funding councils and bodies.