RSE Responds to UK Industrial Strategy

The RSE has responded to the UK Government consultation on Building our Industrial Strategy.

In the Advice Paper the RSE welcomes the decision to develop a new Industrial Strategy and stresses that delivery of this Strategy must be firmly based on partnership working with the devolved administrations.

The RSE notes that increasing investment in research and development in all parts of the UK will be an essential component of the Strategy, recommends that the UK Government set a clear investment target in R&D of 3% of GDP by 2020, and stresses that public money should continue to fund the full spectrum of research.

The paper acknowledges the implications the UK leaving the European Union may have on the British economy and highlights the importance that the UK remain a full member of the European research community.  The RSE also stresses the importance of resolving issues around the rights of EU citizens early in Brexit negotiations, and noted the importance of strategic infrastructure investments.

The full Advice Paper can be accessed here.