UK Government Anti-Lobbying Clause

The RSE has made a call that urges the UK Government to suspend the introduction of the new “anti-lobbying” clause and enter into an open consultation on the issue. Imposing a restrictive ‘catch all’ anti-lobbying clause as a standard condition of all UK Government grants is a disproportionate and excessive reaction to a very few questionable instances of organisations using public funds inappropriately for lobbying. The clause is a ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’.

As the Scottish Government has indicated it will not introduce similar measures, the RSE is not directly affected by this clause, but it could affect cross border charities and Scottish Universities and Research Institutes that receive funding from the UK Research Councils.

The RSE is concerned that the introduction of this clause will constrain researchers throughout the UK from providing evidence to inform the policy development process and will be of detriment to well-informed policy making.

Read the full press release here: UK Government Anti-Lobbying Clause