How will a gift in my Will help the RSE?

A gift – no matter how big or small – will have impact. Throughout our proud history, the kind gifts and commitments made by individuals in their Wills has grown and nurtured the RSE, allowing us to make a major contribution in Scotland whilst impacting the lives of many generations in the process.

Your gift will support our programme of activities including: providing expert advisors and commentators on contemporary issues; facilitating public debate; managing research and enterprise programme; creating educational projects for youth across Scotland and developing international collaborations.

How do I leave a gift to the RSE in my Will?

Leaving a gift in your Will is easier than you might think, but to ensure that your Will is valid and legal formalities are followed, we recommend that you consult a solicitor. If you already have a Will but wish to make an amendment to include a gift to the RSE we also advise contacting your solicitor. They will draw up a legal document (Codicil) which will change the existing Will. For further information please contact Jennifer McCoull, [email protected], 0131 240 5023

What type of gifts can I leave?

There are a number of different ways you can leave a gift in your will:

  • A share of your estate (Residuary Legacy): This is a gift of either a share or the whole of your estate after all other beneficiaries have been provided for.
  • A specific sum of money (Pecuniary Legacy): If you want to leave a lump sum, you specify this amount in your will.
  • A specific item: Stocks and shares, a painting, a first edition book, a piece of jewellery, or any item that you think will be of some value to the RSE.

For further information please download your free legacy brochure or contact Jennifer McCoull, [email protected], 0131 240 5023

Can a gift in my will help me pay less tax?

Potentially yes. Gifts to UK registered charities are exempt from Inheritance tax.

Under current rules, if you give 10% or more of your taxable estate to charitable causes, the portion of your estate which is subject to Inheritance Tax will be charged at the lower rate of 36% as opposed to 40%.

If you plan to take advantage or would like further information, we recommend that you discuss with a solicitor.

Can I change my mind?

Yes, you are able to change your mind at any time. Letting us know you plan to leave a legacy gift doesn’t commit you to doing so. It would be really helpful though, if you tell us you have changed your mind.

If I’ve already left a gift in my will should I tell you?

Yes please, leaving a gift to the RSE is an important decision and one that we would want to recognise in your lifetime and say thank you for. Everyone who makes a personal pledge is welcomed into the RSE President Circle and is invited to special events and receptions and kept informed of RSE activities.

I’d like to speak to someone at RSE about this type of gift

Our Legacies Manager, Jennifer McCoull would be delighted to hear from you. To arrange a visit or call please contact her on [email protected], 0131 240 5023