‘Quiz-a-Whiz’ is our YouTube series, which allows school children to submit questions to prominent public figures or ‘whizzes’, from bestselling authors to Nobel Laureates, on a variety of topics. The questions we receive can range from technical queries and career advice to wonderfully unusual ones like, ‘If my cat was a lot bigger would he want to eat me for dinner?!’

‘Quiz-a-Whiz’ aims to deliver engaging and thought-provoking content which will inspire pupils; encouraging them to be inquisitive and to think about their future career choices. This programme is currently under review: meanwhile, view previous interviews in the library below.


Akira O’Connor on Memory

Akira O’Connor, a Lecturer in School of Psychology and Neuroscience at St Andrews University discusses his research on memory. How…

Lari Don on Writing Stories

  Lari Don, award-winning author of adventure books, picture books and, recently, a teen thriller Mind Blind talks about the…

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