‘Quiz-a-Whiz’ is our YouTube series, which allows school children to submit questions to prominent public figures or ‘whizzes’, from bestselling authors to Nobel Laureates, on a variety of topics. The questions we receive can range from technical queries and career advice to wonderfully unusual ones like, ‘If my cat was a lot bigger would he want to eat me for dinner?!’

‘Quiz-a-Whiz’ aims to deliver engaging and thought-provoking content which will inspire pupils; encouraging them to be inquisitive and to think about their future career choices. We would be grateful if you could encourage your students to follow the series, and to submit questions to future ‘whizzes’. We upload a new video every Friday!

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Maurice Fallon on Robots

Maurice Fallon, Lecturer in Robotics at the University of Edinburgh answers questions about Robots! Can we build a robot with…

Hugh Goddard on Islam

Hugh Goddard, the Director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World,…

Maggie Ellis on Dementia

Maggie Ellis, a Fellow in Dementia Care at the University of St Andrews talk about her research. What is dementia?…

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