In this section you can find Resource Packs produced by the RSE on a wide range of topics from Fashioning Science to the Mystery of Movement. You can use these curriculum-linked ‎resources to run a debate or discussion in your own classroom.

Resource Packs

Fashioning Science

This resource pack focuses the links between fashion and science by investigating a range of different themes
related to sustainability, ethics and environmental concerns.

The Mystery of Movement

Through introducing and exploring the various topics included in this pack, pupils should feel confident to plan, research and take part in discussions related to everyday movement and demanding physical activities.

Enhancements in Disability Sport

This resource pack focuses on the topical theme of Enhancements in Disability Sport, looking at issues such as medicine, equipment, coaching and money, as well as debates around classification within the sports.

Stem Cells

Stem cells have the potential to help us treat many serious diseases, but their use raises many contentious issues. What must society consider before this potential is harnessed?

Computing Science Resources


This resource will explore further computing concepts, with a focus on abstraction, modularity and hierarchy within programming.

Itching for More Tutor Pack

Itching for More Learner Pack

Itching for More Media Files

Itching for More Screencasts

Itching for More Project Files



This resource seeks to consolidate previous concepts through the medium of mobile app development. In addition to providing a course in programming for mobile devices, it will explore new paradigms in computing e.g. mobile technologies and new interfaces, and provide ample opportunity for inter-disciplinary linkage.

Mobile App Development Tutor Pack

Mobile App Development Learner Pack

Mobile App Development Apps

Mobile App Development Screencasts part 1

Mobile App Development Screencasts part 2

Mobile App Development Screencasts part 3

Mobile App Development Media Files


This resource supports aspects of the Information Systems Design & Development Unit of the Scottish National 4/5 Computing Science qualifications. It can also be used to support to support a number of Level 3/4 Computing Science outcomes within Curriculum for Excellence.

An Introduction to Web-based Information Systems_Tutor Pack

An Introduction to Web-Based Information Systems Learner Pack