RSE Publishes Advice on Rights & Social Protection

The RSE has published a further paper in its series on Brexit: Challenges & Opportunities, this one focusing on how rights and social protection may be affected as a result of Brexit. The paper was prepared by a Working Group on Migration, Diversity, Rights and Social Protection comprising Fellows of the RSE, members of the Young Academy of Scotland and others with relevant expertise in the subjects. As the Brexit negotiations begin, the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) has established an EU Strategy Group and produced four advice papers on the implications of Britain leaving the EU, highlighting the challenges and opportunities now open to the UK and Scottish Governments and EU partners.

Professor Christina Boswell FRSE, who chaired the working group commented, “Many of the civil, social and political rights enjoyed in the UK today are underpinned by, or derived from, EU law. There is a possibility that once the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights ceases to apply it may lead to an erosion of current rights, which is why it is crucial that careful consideration of the effects of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill on rights is made by both Westminster and Holyrood. While the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is independent of the EU, leaving will make it possible to also leave the ECHR, making it easier to regress on guarantees in the Human Rights Act.”

“In the fields of social and employment policy the RSE notes that both the UK and Scottish Governments state that it is their intention to protect such rights. Parliamentarians need to scrutinise closely whether this proves to be the case.”

“This paper seeks to add to the debate on the medium and long-term implications of Brexit for the rights of people who live in the UK.”

The full Advice Paper can be accessed here.