RSE President, Dame Anne Glover FRS has commented on the impact of a hard Brexit on science and research.

Along with a number of other experts, Dame Anne Glover has commented on a recent Francis Crick Institute warning that Brexit could do serious damage to UK science and research. She said:

“International collaboration and a sustained deep science partnership with the EU is vital in supporting scientific progress and social and economic well-being. A no-deal or a hard Brexit puts this at risk and I reiterate the call I made earlier this year to the Prime Minister to take all necessary steps to secure an agreement on science and research in the Brexit negotiations which ensures the closest possible research relationship with the EU. This includes providing for the UK’s full participation in the European Framework programmes for research and innovation, and ensuring that universities and research institutions can continue to recruit talented researchers and the staff that are needed to underpin the UK’s research base from a global pool. The risks of not doing so are evident and particularly acute in Scotland as we attract the most funding per head of population across the UK nations from H2020. Scotland also benefits from a highly multinational research community with a quarter of research-only staff from the EU. We cannot afford to lose this wealth of talent from the UK and urgent action is needed to secure a deal that makes certain research in the UK continues to flourish post-Brexit.”