RSE Fellows Elected to Other National Academies

Congratulations to a number of RSE Fellows who have been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Learned Society of Wales.

Royal Society

Congratulations to RSE Fellows elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society:

Professor Wendy Bickmore, Director, MRC Human Genetics Unit

Professor Chris Bishop, Laboratory Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Professor Gabriele Hegerl, Professor of Climate System Science, University of Edinburgh

Professor Anne Neville, RAEng Chair in Emerging Technologies, University of Leeds

Professor Josephine Pemberton, Head of institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh

Professor Peter Smith, Professor of Soils and Global Change, University of Aberdeen

Full details of the announcement are available here.

Academy of Medical Sciences

Congratulations also to the following Fellows who have been elected to the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences:

Professor Andrew Biankin, Regius Professor of Surgery and Director, Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre, University of Glasgow

Professor Sheila Bird, Programme Leader, MRC Biostatistics Unit

Professor Jill Pell, Henry Mechan Professor of Public Health and Director of the Institute of Health & Wellbeing, University of Glasgow

Professor Owen Sansom, Deputy Director, Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

Professor Kate Storey, Professor of Neural Development, University of Dundee

Professor Rhian Touyz, Director, Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow

Professor Brian Walker, Professor of Endocrinology, University of Edinburgh

Further details are available here.

Learned Society of Wales

Finally, our congratulations to two Fellows elected as Honorary Fellows of the Learned Society of Wales:

Professor Mary McAleese, Formerly President of Ireland (Honorary Fellow of the RSE)

Lord Sutherland of Houndwood, Former RSE President

Full details of this announcement are available here.