RSE Fellows elected to the British Academy

Congratulations to the following RSE Fellows who have been elected to the British Academy for their achievements in the humanities and social sciences:

Professor Douglas Cairns FRSE
Professor of Classics, University of Edinburgh
Research area: Ancient Greek literature, society, and ethics, especially the emotions; Homer; Sophocles; the concept of honour in Ancient Greek and modern societies; cognitive approaches to Classical Studies

Professor Hervé Moulin FRSE
D J Robertson Chair in Economics, University of Glasgow
Research area: Game and Social Choice Theories, and their applications to Fair Division rules

Professor Jonathan Spencer FRSE FAcSS
Regius Professor of South Asian Language, Culture and Society, University of Edinburgh
Research area: The anthropology, history and politics of South Asia, especially Sri Lanka: with particular focus on the cultural consequences of democracy, on conflict, and on religion

Professor Fiona Stafford FRSE
Professor of English Language and Literature, University of Oxford
Research area: English literature of the Romantic period; Place and Nature Writing; Scottish and Irish poetry; Literature and the Visual Arts; Environmental Humanities

Full details of the announcement are available here.