RSE Christmas Lecture: Stampy’s Christmas Cake Caper (An Adventure in YouTubing)

The buzz around this year’s RSE Christmas Lecture, ‘Stampy’s Christmas Cake Caper (An Adventure in YouTubing)’ has been amazing. When news broke that Minecraft legend Stampy Cat (aka Joseph Garrett) would be in town, over 500 excited fans queued in the centre of Dundee for the coveted tickets; some from as early as 5.20am. Such was the interest that the event sold out within a few hours.

Stampy Cat is Garrett’s Minecraft character who shot to fame when Garrett began posting videos of himself building virtual worlds in Minecraft. Today, Stampy is one of the most successful YouTube stars. His channel has more than 6.7M subscribers, most of whom are pre-teens who watch his videos to gain tips and inspiration for their own Minecraft creations.

The RSE hosts an educational Christmas Lecture every year; however this event is bigger than anything that has come before. Around 2,000 local school children will attend the day-time event on the 30th November at the Caird Hall in Dundee during which, Stampy will give insights into how he makes his videos and what it takes to be a successful YouTuber. Stampy will also create a brand new Minecraft adventure episode live on stage. An evening event held at the same venue will allow a further 2,000 fans to witness Stampy in action.

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