RSE–CHINA ‘Robotics and AI’ Workshop

RSE–National Natural Science Foundation of China Workshop

Groundbreaking Scientific Opportunities in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Research: A 20-Year View

The workshop aim was to bring together leading experts from Scotland and China to discuss the current research landscape of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence as well as their applications. This joint activity also provided the opportunity for speakers and participants to engage with the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the National Natural Science Foundation of China on their current initiatives and activities enabling international collaboration and more specifically in this area supported through the 2-year joint project scheme.

The two-day workshop was divided into four themed sessions (outlined below) and facilitated presentations by academics and practitioners from Scotland and China chaired by Professor David Lane, FRSE and Professor Sethu Vijayakumar, FRSE from the renowned Edinburgh Centre for Robotics.

Four Themed Sessions

  • Field Robotics and Autonomy
  • Control and Planning
  • Computer Vision and Machine Learning
  • Human-Robot Interaction

The RSE and NSFC have a Joint Project Scheme in place to support two-year research projects in this subject area, based on the discussions that have taken place during the workshop. Further information will be published shortly. Click here.