RSE Calls for Stronger Model of Governance for the BBC

The RSE in a submission to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has set out a case for stronger governance arrangements to be adopted by the BBC.

The RSE believes that the current governance model is unsustainable and has failed to keep pace with the changing devolutionary settlement across the United Kingdom. A greater level of
accountability to the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is needed.

The Chair of the RSE Working Group examining the issue, Dr John McCormick FRSE, commented, “The BBC’s current governance arrangements cannot be sustained. There must be a much greater level of accountability to the people in the devolved administrations. However, it is equally important that any new approach takes into account the asymmetry of the UK and in no way reduces the scale, scope or social relevance of the BBC.”

In its submission the RSE also highlights the importance of the BBC remaining in a position to produce high-quality, marketable content and continuing to be globally relevant. The paper stresses that the BBC must keep pace with technological advances and not be left behind by its commercial rivals. The BBC must continue to strive for excellence across its services and ensure that all of the content it produces is inclusive, taking into account the range of audiences across the UK.

Read the full press release here: RSE Calls for Stronger Model of Governance for the BBC