RSE Submits Evidence to Gender Pay Gap Inquiry

The RSE has submitted evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee to help inform its inquiry into the Gender Pay Gap.

In the Advice Paper the RSE notes the persistence of the Gender Pay Gap in all major advanced economies, despite its narrowing over the past decade.

The paper urges the Scottish Government to ensure that all parts of the public sector in Scotland, including contractors, fully comply with the Public Service Equality Duty, and that the participation of women in high remuneration sectors, such as science and engineering is re-examined.

The full Advice Paper can be accessed here.

Prof David Bell, Chair of the RSE working group, will be giving oral evidence to the Committee on 25 April.

Prof Bell, along with University of Stirling colleague Dr Tanya Wilson, independently submitted a paper to the Committee which is reference in the RSE paper.  This submission can be found at as an appendix to the response.