Review of Irish–Scottish Relations

The RSE and the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) have made a joint submission to the Scottish and Irish Governments’ joint review of Irish–Scottish relations.

Given the multidisciplinary expertise within both our Fellowships – which embrace the breadth of academia and leaders from business and public service – we are well placed to contribute to the themes being explored by the review, including linguistic issues, governance and law; cultural experience and exchange; rural, coastal and island communities; and business and economic interests.

Ireland and Scotland share a strong focus on research, development and innovation as an enabler and key driver of economic growth and prosperity and social and cultural ambitions. Significant shared areas of research collaboration include the creative industries; linguistics; governance and law; energy; history and literature; financial and business services; food and drink; life sciences; and sustainable tourism.

The review represents the starting point for a longer-term programme of work aimed at enhancing Scottish-Irish collaboration. The RSE and the RIA look forward to exploring with the Scottish and Irish Governments how we can further support this strategic review.

Our joint response is available here.