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Liz Grant smiling for the camera

The climate crisis – Can compassion contribute? | Professor Liz Grant

The world is in a different place from 2015 – the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis has made the goals more urgent. We have almost all the science we need to make changes – renewable energy, biotechnology and biofuels, to name but a few. Yet, the biggest challenge we face this decade is how to bring about change in the hearts and mindsets of individuals, institutions and national systems. So, can social science help close the gap?

Stigmatisation in Mental Health | Professor Stephen Lawrie

What is the biggest mental health issue of the day? It’s not COVID – which most people with and without mental illness are coping with admirably. It is, as ever, the stigmatisation of mental illness and the underfunding of mental health services. The two are clearly related, and despite some improvements in recent years, there remains a long way to go.

Dr Poonam Malik posing for the camera

Beating the Femphobic Pandemic | Dr Poonam Malik

A recent report from the Scottish Government highlighted the disproportionate effect COVID-19 has had on a variety of groups, such as women, ethnic minorities, and low paid workers. So how can we prevent this pandemic from reversing the progress we have made towards workplace equality, diversity, and inclusion?

Sethu Vijayakumar standing next to a NASA humanoid robot

Robotics can lend a personal touch to human healthcare | Professor Sethu Vijayakumar

As a mathematician and roboticist, I have been lucky enough to work on many complex projects like developing algorithms for a NASA humanoid robot to balance, navigate and manipulate objects autonomously; in preparation for deployment on Mars. However, I am fascinated with the question of how the latest advances in my field can help tackle some of the biggest and most intriguing healthcare challenges of our generation.

Tea & Talk with the RSE

Tea & Talk Podcast

Are you a naturally curious person? Following on from the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s successful Tea & Talk series held during their Curious 2019 summer events programme, the concept has been developed for a digital format to provide access to experts talking on a wide range of subjects and provide the opportunity for listeners to learn something new, expand their horizons and hear from national and world experts in their respective disciplines.

2019 Awards Reception Programme

The RSE recognises excellence through awarding a number of medals, grants, scholarships and fellowships. In this event programme, details on the 2019 awardees are listed, along with information on each RSE award, case studies and impact figures. 

David Hume: ‘My Own Life’

One of the shortest but also one of the most celebrated autobiographies ever written, My Own Life, was composed shortly before David Hume’s death in 1776.

From Maxwell to Higgs

On 4 July 2012 CERN announced their independent discovery of a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson. The RSE…

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