Journals of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

The RSE has been publishing journals for over 200 years, initially with Transactions of the RSE in 1788 (when James Hutton’s Theory of the Earth was published in Volume I) and joined in 1832 by Proceedings of the RSE.

Transactions evolved into Transactions of the RSE: Earth Sciences in 1980 and has now (from 2007) been re-titled Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the RSE. In the 1940s, the Proceedings split into Proceedings A: Mathematics and Proceedings B: Biological Sciences.

The Year Book was published from 1940 – 2002.  In 2002 it was replaced by two separate publications, the Directory and Sessional Review.

Proceedings B ceased publication in 1996, but Earth and Environmental Science Transactions, Proceedings A: Mathematics and the Directory & Review are still going strong and are now published by the RSE Scotland Foundation on behalf of the RSE.