David Hume: ‘My Own Life’

One of the shortest but also one of the most celebrated autobiographies ever written, My Own Life, was composed shortly before David Hume’s death in 1776.

In 2014, the RSE published a book of the memoir, fully edited from the manuscript and extensively annotated by then RSE Curator Dr Iain Gordon Brown. This year, a second, expanded edition of this book has been published and is now available. Fully revised and containing much new material drawn from a wide variety of sources, the new edition has been restructured though many of the book’s original features have been retained.

A complete facsimile of the original manuscript is included and two transcripts are provided: one for the general reader, and one for the scholar interested in the evolution of the text. A long and important introductory essay entitled Embalming a Philosopher: The Writing, Reception and Resonance of David Hume’s My Own Life summarises and evaluates much historical and more recent thinking on the significance of David Hume’s memoir – a document of great emotional power which remains as fascinating and moving as it did when it was first made public 240 years ago.

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Publication Date

March 2017