Business Innovation Forum

The RSE Business Innovation Forum was convened in 2010 with the aim of identifying and stimulating processes that will increase business innovation investment in Scotland.  The Forum looks to influence how appropriate strategies to achieve this aim should be implemented. Membership comprises a broad range of experience from Scotland’s business and academic communities.


Its remit is to:

  • Identify and propose mechanisms to encourage growth of innovation in companies in Scotland;
  • Identify and propose mechanisms by which business in Scotland could make better use of the research base to stimulate economic growth;
  • Act as an independent body, to advocate these mechanisms to the Scottish Government and to other bodies with relevant responsibilities and capacities;
  • Interact with other bodies concerned with the operation of the research base and with economic and business development in Scotland;
  • To publish reports, to create work groups and other activities to pursue its objectives.



Since being established in 1997, the RSE Enterprise Fellowship scheme has supported more than 200 researchers to develop and launch new businesses, with companies formed across a wide range of fields – from tidal energy generation and safety systems for the oil and gas industry, to insect repellents and communication solutions for sufferers from Alzheimer’s disease.

Enterprise Fellowship Awards are specifically designed to support academic researchers in becoming outstanding entrepreneurs. Enterprise Fellows get access to the most up-to-date training in entrepreneurial skills, delivered to the highest standard of international excellence by individuals who have a proven track record of commercial success. Awardees are further supported to establish and grow their businesses via one year’s salary and business development funding to cover costs associated with attending conferences and trade shows.

If you would like any further information about Enterprise Fellowships, please contact Anne Fraser or phone 0131 240 5013.

All reports published by the Business Innovation Forum are listed with our advice papers.

Forum Information

Professor Iain Gray CBE, FRSE (Chair)
Professor Timothy Bedford FRSE
Ms Donna Chisholm
Ms Wendy Alexander FRSE
Mr Edward Cunningham CBE, FRSE
Dr Richard Dixon FRSE
Mr Gordon Eadie
Dr Olga Kozlova
Ms Shonaig Macpherson CBE, FRSE
Professor Donald MacRae OBE, FRSE
Dr Jano Van Hemert
Ms Judy Wagner
Mr Paul Mason
Dr Allan Colquhoun
Professor Alan Alexander OBE, FRSE, FAcSS
Mrs Anne Fraser
Mr Bristow Muldoon

Should you wish to request any further information about the Business Innovation Forum, please contact Bristow Muldoon or phone 0131 240 2787.