Drawing on the expertise of our Fellows, the RSE provides independent evidence and advice to inform public policy decisions and legislative direction. Our contributions support decision makers in the Scottish and UK parliaments, Scottish and UK governments, and in the Civil Service.

How We Contribute

Advice Papers, Briefing Papers and Position Papers

The Policy team responds to consultations from government, parliament and external bodies.

We proactively consider issues of topical and national importance and produce Advice Papers and reports.

We prepare Briefing Papers for MSPs, MPs and MEPs ahead of parliamentary debates.

To coincide with, and inform discussion around, certain RSE events, we publish Position Papers written by our Fellows or other experts.

Major Inquiries

We undertake comprehensive, independent inquiries into matters of national importance.


To support policy implementation, we provide resources which complement the National Curriculum for Excellence.

Parliamentary Committee Attendance

When invited we attend Parliamentary Committees and provide oral evidence.

Work with Parliamentarians and Civil Servants

We regularly meet with parliamentarians and civil servants to discuss issues of topical and national importance.