New RSE Royal Medallists & Prize Winners Announced

The RSE is pleased to announce its Royal Medallists and Prize Winners for 2013.

The RSE President, Sir John Arbuthnott, in announcing the awards commented, “One of the greatest privileges of the role of being President of the Society is the opportunity to meet many of the most talented people working in Scotland today.

Through these awards we are recognising outstanding individuals at points in their lives from those showing great potential at early stages of their career to those who have reached the pinnacle of their discipline and are regarded as such on an international basis. The process of deciding upon these awards provides an opportunity for the RSE and hopefully the research community at home and internationally to learn more about the outstanding and innovative work that is being undertaken in Scotland.”

Read the full press release and see the 2013 Prizewinners here: New RSE Royal Medallists & Prize Winners Announced