Leading Scottish Researchers Benefit from £4m in RSE Awards

More than 100 distinguished academic researchers, the majority of whom are based in Scotland, are to receive £4.1m in awards from the RSE. This is the highest figure ever granted by the Society, under schemes funded by both public and private bodies.

The awards provide funding for individuals to pursue academic research or investigate the commercial potential of their work. A range of schemes is covered, from Scottish Government-funded personal research fellowships for post-doctoral projects, to travel grants for arts and humanities researchers who are seeking to collaborate with their counterparts overseas.

The new awardees represent the sheer scope and vitality of Scotland’s excellent research network, with recipients working on a variety of projects across a range of fields, such as: detecting Earth-size planets; the leaky troposphere; biometric energy harvesting; Scottish approaches to race equality; Parisian cinema; and the history of handknitting in Scotland.

Read the full press release and see the list of awardees here: Leading Scottish Researchers Benefit from £4m in RSE Awards