The RSE initiates and supports a wide range of activities which enhance Scotland's involvement in global collaboration.
Through events, strategic partnerships and publications, the RSE promotes the reputation of the nation's research, innovation and culture.

Promoting collaboration

By forging effective partnerships with national academies and learned societies overseas, the RSE is helping to:

  • Facilitate two-way international exchange program, enabling top Scottish-based researchers to collaborate with their counterparts anywhere in the world
  • Promote the exchange of early-stage researchers, giving them the opportunity to experience research activities in other countries
  • Raise awareness overseas of some of the best of the research and innovation being undertaken in Scotland
  • Stimulate collaboration between centres of excellence through joint international events
  • Provide a forum for discussion of international affairs, Scotland’s place in the wider world, and international issues in science, the arts and letters, technology, industry and commerce.

International Relations