Interdisciplinary Learning in Schools

The RSE has published an advice paper setting out the actions and conditions needed to support the delivery of interdisciplinary learning (IDL) in Scotland’s schools.

This takes forward the discussion and learning from last year’s RSE conference, Interdisciplinary Learning: Creative Thinking for a Complex World.

IDL is crucially important to addressing current and future complex, societal challenges, including climate change. While IDL is one of the most distinctive and innovative features of Curriculum for Excellence, it has not yet been widely developed in our schools.

The advice paper covers: what is IDL, including its connection to disciplines; why it is important; the challenges to implementing it in our schools, including distinct issues for primary and secondary schools; how challenges can be addressed through leadership and support, assessment approaches, the provision of high-quality guidance and exemplification, teachers’ career-long professional learning and development; and the role of research and evaluation in improving our understanding of IDL approaches and their impact on learning.

In addition to the advice paper, the RSE is progressing the establishment of an online practitioner forum to support teachers to collaborate and share ideas, experiences and learning resources to support IDL.

While the advice paper focuses on IDL in schools, IDL development is a systemic challenge that requires a coordinated and strategic response encompassing primary, secondary, further and higher education.

The RSE looks forward to continuing to work with national and local partners and practitioners to support the development and delivery of IDL.

The RSE’s IDL in schools’ advice paper is available here.