Inspiring Brilliance: Celebrating Maxwell’s Genius & Legacy

The profound impact of James Clerk Maxwell, whose work continues to influence scientific and technological innovation, was celebrated by leading academics at the RSE’s recent conference; Inspiring Brilliance: Celebrating Maxwell’s Genius and Legacy.

Nobel Laureate, Professor Peter Higgs, CH FRS FRSE was among the eminent speakers from across the UK who gathered to discuss Maxwell’s outstanding contribution to physics and beyond. His legacy has enabled developments in fields such as colour photography, statistical physics and structural mechanics and this serves to further demonstrate the extensive reach and impact of Maxwell’s work. Topics at the conference ranged from Saturn’s rings to cybernetics and digital communications to mathematics.

The conference attracted a large audience and, as the event was fully subscribed, the RSE elected to make it available more widely by streaming it live through Close to 450 people tuned in to watch online and the individual talks are now available to view on the RSE’s own YouTube channel.

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