Published date

September 2008

The Future of Scotland’s Hills and Islands

A new commitment to achieving rural community viability in Scotland is required. The report of the Inquiry into Scotland’s Hills and Islands, states that there is a critical need to integrate social, economic and environmental measures for rural areas and empower communities to act within an overall national strategy. Highlighting opportunities as well as challenges, the independent Inquiry’s overall objectives are: achieving a sustainable future for the Hills and Islands with vibrant and viable human communities; an integrated diversity of land uses; well-managed natural systems and landscapes that also contribute to amelioration of climate change; development of other economic opportunities such as tourism, renewable energy and food; supported by appropriate financial mechanisms and services.

The full inquiry can be accessed here: The Future of Scotland’s Hills and Islands


Prof Gavin McCrone (Chair)

Prof Jeff Maxwell

Prof Roger Crofts

Dr Andrew Barbour

Dame Barbara Kelly

Prof Karl Linklater

Drew Ratter

Derek Reid

Prof Bill Slee