Published date

June 2002

Infectious Salmon Anaemia

Chaired by Professor Sir Roderick MacSween, this Inquiry was set up to assess the science behind legislation governing the control of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA), a viral disease of salmon. The Infectious Salmon Anaemia report concluded that it was impossible to establish whether the virus was exotic to the EU and recommended that fish communities in the sea around salmon farms and in fresh water whose catchments are associated with salmon farming, be examined in detail to determine whether the virus is endemic. It also recommended that the survey for ISA virus in wild salmon be re-established.

The full inquiry can be accessed here: Infectious Salmon Anaemia


Sir Roderick MacSween (Chair) FRSE: Emeritus Professor of Pathology, University
of Glasgow

Professor Ian Aitken: Scientific Director, Edinburgh Centre for Rural Research

Professor Peter Maitland FRSE: Independent Research Consultant, Fish
Conservation Centre

Professor Imants Priede FRSE: Professor of Zoology, University of Aberdeen

Professor Stuart Reid FRSE: Professor of Veterinary Informatics and
Epidemiology, University of Glasgow Veterinary School and University of Strathclyde

Professor John Sargent FRSE: Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry, Institute of
Aquaculture, University of Stirling

Sir William Stewart FRS FRSE: President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Dr Marc Rands (Secretary): Research Officer, Royal Society of Edinburgh