Published date

July 2002

Foot and Mouth Disease

Chaired by Professor Ian Cunningham, this group, with members drawn from veterinary health, medicine, farming, economics, tourism, consumers and the general public, was tasked with conducting a wide-ranging assessment of the impact of the disease on animal health and examining the social and economic consequences of the epidemic on the countryside and on Scotland as a whole. The report made 27 recommendations including the need to treat future livestock epidemics, not just as an agricultural problem but to take into account wider economic and social aspects.

The full inquiry can be accessed here: Foot and Mouth Disease


Professor Ian Cunningham (Chair) CBE, BSc, PhD Drhc, FRSE,
FIBiol, FRAgS, HonAssocRCVS, FRSGS: Former Principal,
West of Scotland Agricultural College, Ayr; Professor of
Agriculture, Glasgow University.

Professor Gavin McCrone (Vice-Cahir) CB, MA, MSc, PhD, LLD, FRSE:
Visiting Professor at University of Edinburgh
Management School.

Professor Ian Aitken OBE, BVMS, PhD, DVM&S(hc),
MRCVS, FIBiol, FRAgS: (from 19/2/2002): Scientific
Director, Edinburgh Centre for Rural Research; Former
Director, Moredun Research Institute.

Professor Sir James Armour CBE, PhD, FRSE, FRCVS,
FMedSci, Drhc, HonDVMS, HonDUniv, HonFIBiol:
Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Parasitology & Former
Dean of Glasgow University Veterinary School and
Vice-Principal, University of Glasgow.

Professor Brian Ashcroft BA, MA: Director, Fraser of
Allander Institute, University of Strathclyde.

Dr Jean Balfour CBE, BSc(Hons), DSc, FRSE, FICFor,
FIBiol, JP: Former Chairman, Countryside Commission
for Scotland & Partner, Balbirnie Home Farms.

Mr Ivan Broussine: Chief Executive, Scottish Tourism Forum

Professor Sir David Carter MD, HonDSc, HonLLD, FRSE,
Vice-Principal, University of Edinburgh & Former Chief
Medical Officer, Scottish Executive.

Dr W James Irvine BSc(Hons), MB ChB(Hons), DSc (Edin),
FRSE, FRCPE, FRCPath(London), FlnstBiol,
FlnstDirectors(London): Farmer and former Consultant
Physician, Endocrine Unit/ Immunology Labs (Medicine),
Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.

Dr Barbara Kelly CBE, DL, DipEd, Hon LLD (Strathclyde),
(Aberdeen): Partner in farming enterprise near Dumfries;
Convenor, Southern Uplands Partnership; past Board
Membership, SNH.

Professor Donald JR MacRae BSc (Hons) MBA FCIBS FRAgS:
Strategy & Finance Director, Lloyds TSB Scotland. Visiting
Professor in Business & Economic Development at the
University of Abertay Dundee.

Dr William Martin PhD (Glas), DVMhc (Perugia),
HonDMed, DVSM, HonDVMS (Edin,Glasgow) FRSE:
(14/12/2001-23/1/2002) Former Director, Animal Diseases
Research Association, Moredun Research Institute,

Professor Jeff Maxwell OBE, BSc, PhD (Edin), FRSE, FRSGS:
Former Director, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute.

Dr Laura Meagher: Consultant & Senior Partner,
Technology Development Group.

Mr David Mitchell: (resigned 27/6/2002) Farmer and
Chairman, NFU Scotland Livestock Committee.

Dr Peter Nettleton BVMS, MSC, PhD, MRCVS: Virus
Surveillance Unit, Moredun Research Institute, Edinburgh.

Professor Stuart Reid BVMS, PhD, DiplECVPH, FRSE,
MRCVS: Professor of Veterinary Informatics and
Epidemiology, University of Glasgow Veterinary School
and University of Strathclyde.

Dr Robert Sellers MA, ScD (Cantab), BSc, PhD (Edin), FRSE,
MRCVS, FIBiol: Former Director, Animal Virus Research
Institute, Pirbright, Surrey.

Mr Loudon Hamilton CB, MA: Former Secretary, Scottish
Office Agriculture and Fisheries Department.