Goodbye Berlin – The Biography of Gerald Wiener

A biography of Dr Gerald Wiener FRSE, written by his wife Margaret Dunlop, is to be published this September. Dr Wiener was elected to the Fellowship in 1970. The book is available for purchase through the Birlinn website

“The 24th of March, 1939, was a poignant day for twelve-year-old Gerald Wiener. He was on a train pulling out of Berlin and he was on his way to the UK to escape persecution in Nazi Germany. He was one of the thousands of unaccompanied children saved by the Kindertransport. Looked after by two sisters in Oxford, his abilities as a scholar became apparent and from an early age he was set on the road to academic achievement.

There followed a distinguished career as a research scientist in Edinburgh, where he made a genetic discovery that received international recognition. His research department was a centre of excellence and after he retired members of his department went on to make an astonishing breakthrough in genetics, the cloning of Dolly the sheep.

Margaret M. Dunlop is the wife of Gerald Wiener. Born and brought up in Glasgow, she became a teacher, and eventually a head teacher in the Scottish Borders. She met Gerald in Edinburgh and they married in 1985. She is the author of two fiction titles, Marching in Scotland – Dancing in New York and Blind Date in Gibraltar.”