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RSE Small Research Grants

The RSE Small Research Grants are designed to support personally conducted high-quality research. The awards are available to cover eligible costs arising from a defined research project.

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RSE Research Network Grants

The RSE Research Network Grants consolidate collaborative partnerships which expand activities of existing research, or initiate new projects. Partnerships may be defined by a collaboration between colleagues in different disciplines and institutions.

RSE Joint Projects

RSE International Awards: Joint Projects aims to facilitate international collaboration between researchers based in Scotland with researchers overseas.

RSE Personal Research Fellowships

The RSE Personal Research Fellowships provides eligible applicants with an opportunity to take between three to twelve months to focus on a research project of their choice.

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RSE Fulbright Scholar Award

This annual award will offer an academic, from anywhere in the UK, the opportunity to go to a top university in the US for a maximum of three months to carry out lecturing and/or research.


Ireland/Scotland Bilateral Network Grants

The ambition of the Ireland-Scotland Bilateral Network Grants is to strengthen co-operation and learning between excellent researchers, academics and practitioners in Scotland and Ireland within the theme of ‘Revival, Resilience and Recovery: Cultural and Arts Sectors post-Covid-19’.

President’s Medal

The President’s Medal may be awarded, on the President’s initiative, to an individual or group, perhaps in a category, or…

Early career prize winner

Early Career Medals

This award meets with the Society’s strategic objective of increasing public understanding of science and the arts and humanities. The…

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