EXTENDED: Fellows Invited to Join Prizes & Medals Committee

Fellows are being invited to fill out an expression of interest to join the RSE Prizes & Medals Committee. The deadline to register your interest is 20th January 2021. Please see below details on how the committee runs. Click here to fill in the Expression of interest form and email a short (max 2 pages) CV to [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you.


1. Purpose / Remit 

The Committee met for the first time in 1991.  Prior to then, ad hoc group advised RSE Council on who should receive the Prizes.  Following the Prizes Review of 2009/10 the Committee considers and makes recommendations on nominations received for the senior prize lectureships and the junior medals, normally one of each award in each of the following four categories:-

  • Physical, Engineering and Informatic Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Business, Public Service and Public Engagement.

It also considers the nominations for the Senior Prize and Innovator’s Prize for Public Engagement supported by the James Weir Foundation.

It does not consider nominations for the, Hutton Prize or the Royal Medals.

2. Operational Process 

  • Meeting Frequency / Purpose: meets annually, normally in January/February, to consider nominations received and decide prize winners to be recommended to RSE Council for approval in February.
  • Activities outwith Meetings:  normally none.
  • Role of Convener & Members: as 2 a) and b) above.
  • Committee Secretary: Awards Manager
  • Committee Quorum:  at least four members must attend meetings.
  • Delegated Budgetary Responsibility: none.
  • Reports To: RSE Council
  • Relationship with Other RSE Committees: Meetings Committee as prize lectures are part of RSE’s Meetings programme.  Several members also sit on the Royal Medals Committee.

3. Membership 

  • Composition:  comprises a Convener who is the President, the Research Awards Convenor, Fellowship Secretary, Programme Convener and normally the four Vice Presidents so that all areas are represented.
  • Appointment: All members are ex-officio and are appointed by RSE Council.

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