It is the role of the RSE to actively promote the education of young people throughout Scotland, and it aims to stimulate and develop interest in science, society, culture and the arts across all age groups.

The aim of the RSE@Programme is to enhance the understanding and appreciation which people, and in particular school children, have of their local community by encouraging a sense of belonging to an area rich in cultural and human resources.

All programmes, which consisted of a series of inspirational educational talks, discussion forums and workshops for school children and the wider public, were a great success and stimulated a lot of media interest.

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Dinosaur Skeleton

RSE@Inverness: Dino Digs & Monster Myths

Join us at the Inverness Town House for the RSE New Year Family Event. The theme of this year’s New Year Event is ‘Dino Digs and Monster Myths’ and will consider how myths, legends and scientific enquiry have combined to fascinate and inspire our ancient ancestors through to current generations.


The RSE developed a high quality programme of activities for young people and the wider public of the Scottish Borders during 2014–16.

The RSE@Scottish Borders Public Talk programme includes topics such as:

  • What made the Borders? – from the Romans to the Union of the Crowns
  • Pioneering Borderers – Borderers who have explored the world
  • Women and the stars – celebrating the International Year of Light during 2015
  • Borderers and The Enlightenment
  • Language and Literature
  • A Sixteenth Century Murder Mystery
  • Landscape and Geology
  • The Science of Fashion

Details of the RSE@Scottish Borders events can be found here.

In 2012, the RSE launched a high-quality programme of activities for young people and the public across the region of Lochaber. This programme of inspirational educational talks, discussion forums and workshops for school-aged children and the wider public ran until October 2013.

The programme launched on Monday 17 September 2012 ‎with a ‘Question Time’ style, free, public evening event: ‘Scottish History in Question’, ‎and featured renowned historian, Professor Tom Devine FRSE, University of Edinburgh, ‎at The Snowgoose Restaurant, Nevis Range, Fort William. This event was chaired ‎by Charles Kennedy MP.‎

Presented with awards at this event were Professor Devine and Dr Nicola Stanley-Wall, Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology, ‎University of Dundee who were the 2012 winners of the RSE Beltane Prizes for Public ‎Engagement. The RSE Prize for Public Engagement promotes excellence in the field of public ‎engagement and encourages public discussion on significant matters relating to ‎Scotland’s pioneering research and innovation. Dr Stanley-Wall also delivered the ‎first RSE@Lochaber school event: ‘Bacteria Live in Communities’, a practical, ‎interactive workshop, to pupils at Lochaber High School on 17 September 2012.

The RSE@Lochaber project was supported by The Dulverton Trust, The James Weir ‎Foundation, Beltane Public Engagement Network, RSE Sillitto Fund, RSE Heggie ‎Fund, RSE Fleck Fund, The Mackintosh Foundation, G M Morrison Charitable Trust, ‎ and private donations.

Details of the RSE@Lochaber events can be found here.

During 2010 and 2011 the RSE delivered a locally tailored, high-quality programme of public lectures, schools’ talks and workshops throughout Dumfries and Galloway.

The programme celebrated the region’s strong sense of identity, highlighting the wealth of natural and human resources that exist within South West Scotland.

Speakers covered a diverse range of subjects: celebrating the lives of inspiring and pioneering historical and contemporary figures; examining the region’s contribution to the growth of Christianity in Scotland; providing an insight into the innovative work undertaken on alternative energy sources; and exploring the natural and botanical life of the region. All events were open to all and free to attend.

During the 2010/11 school year inspirational educational talks and workshops were delivered to primary and secondary schools throughout the region. As part of the Dumfries and Galloway programme the RSE continued to celebrate the bicentenary of Reverend Henry Duncan’s pioneering banking practices by offering the opportunity to local secondary schools to be involved in a variety of entrepreneurial activities.

As a legacy of this original programme, The Holywood Trust provided funding for a reduced programme of activities to continue in the region until early 2016.

Details of the RSE@Dumfries & Galloway events can be found here.

The RSE is keen to further extend its events and education programme beyond the Central Belt and as part of this initiative, a series of educational activities took place in Arbroath, throughout 2008. This pilot project laid the foundations for subsequent projects in other areas including Dumfries and Galloway, and Lochaber.

The Arbroath project developed activities with and for young people, and the wider public, and included topics from the arts and humanities as well as science and technology based subjects.

Classes and workshops were arranged for both primary and secondary school students and included a series of school and public lectures.

The themes for the year included:

  • Identity and the people of Arbroath
  • Wealth creation in Arbroath
  • The arts in Arbroath
  • Places in Arbroath

Details of the RSE@Arbroath events can be found here.