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Delivering the Nations Flagships

When HMS Queen Elizabeth enters Portsmouth harbour in 2017, she will be the largest war ship commissioned into the Royal Navy. With her sister ship HMS Prince of Wales, these two new Aircraft Carriers represent significant new naval and air military capability.
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Policy Making in Uncertain Environments

Evidence-based medicine is one of the triumphs of recent decades that has saved innumerable lives and resulted in more cost-effective practice. Is this the right approach for other areas of policy?
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Beat the January Blues

After the holidays, when everyone had gone back to work with that 'January feeling', Beat the January Blues was organised to put a spring back in the step...
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MacCormick European Lecture 2016

Irina Bokova examined the unprecedented increase of attacks against cultural heritage and diversity in conflicts today, including industrial looting of cultural goods and archaeological sites - the war crime of cultural cleansing.

SUPA Cormack Astronomy Meeting 2016

This meeting brought together astronomers from throughout Scotland. The full-day meeting was relevant to research students and staff working in Scottish universities and provided the opportunity for them to meet, discuss research and hear about new developments in the field.

Christmas Lecture: Space Exploration

The Royal Society of Edinburgh held its Christmas Lecture event in 2016 on the subject of space exploration. Attendees were introduced to: a real-life astronaut; a robotics engineer; a science-fiction writer; a rocket designer; and others, and were given the opportunity to ask them questions at two discussion panel sessions.

Is Cancer Screening Good for your Health?

Are cancers being treated that could safely be left alone or would reducing screening mean avoidable deaths occurring? Join Professor Julietta Patnick CBE, Director of the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes, to discuss the recent controversy around cancer screening.