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Science for Rural Recovery and Resilience

As a planet, we are currently dealing with unprecedented twin crises – the Covid-19 pandemic and the global climate emergency. If we are smart, we can design this economic recovery package to not only help society to recover from the damage caused by the global pandemic, we can use it to tackle the climate emergency – and to reboot our economy on a new, greener, fairer trajectory.
Halting Plant Extinction - image features black background, with white hourglass, a single plant sitting inside with a sparse green and brown leaves, with a trail of leaves in motion and a collection of brown and darker brown leaves at the bottom of the houselgass

Halting Plant Extinction

The Royal Society of Edinburgh and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh are hosting a joint event to explore the current plant extinction crisis.

Living with Climate Change

Join us online and see for yourself what life is like for small island communities, for a lively conversation and Q&A. This event is suitable for adults and interested young adults.

Mitochondria and Us

This online event highlights Global Mitochondrial Awareness Week 2020, sharing recent advances in mitochondria research.


Curious returns this August with extraordinary people talking about big ideas to inspire each other and you as we question the curious world around us. Take part in a series of free online talks, intimate group discussions and workshops with some of Scotland’s leading thinkers and practitioners on a range of themes to do with our health and wellbeing, the planet and invention and innovation throughout August.
Throwback Thursday. An online discussion on sustainability in civil engineering with Professor Niamh Nic Daeid

Stepping into a Virtual Reality Crime Scene

The third discussion in our Throwback Thursday series is led by Professor Niamh Nic Daéid, Professor of Forensic Science, University of Dundee and Director of the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science, who will reflect on her inspirational talk from the RSE’s Women in Science series - an exhibition highlighting some of the most talented leaders, thinkers and practitioners working in Scotland. Part of Niamh’s research is in the application of virtual reality in crime scene, allowing expertise to be brought into the crime scene remotely.

Technology’s Moral Debt in the COVID-19 Era: How Borrowing Against Public Trust Cost Us Public Health

In 2020 a global crisis, embodied in a tiny snippet of RNA, arrived on humanity’s doorstep. It required urgent, evidence-driven, well-coordinated, and cooperative social action on an unprecedented scale. It also required the decisive application of our best science and technology for pandemic control. Many of the most scientifically and technically advanced countries were not up to the task. Why?
Throwback Thursday. An online discussion on sustainability in civil engineering with Professor Becky Lunn

Public Scrutiny: The importance of Scientific Outreach

The second discussion in our Throwback Thursday series is led by Dr Senga Robertson-Albertyn, Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the University of Dundee, who will reflect on being awarded the prestigious RSE Innovators Prize for Public Engagement in recognition of her contribution to communicating science in a fun and interactive way – at the RSE’s Winter Lecture at Wallace High School for an audience of S3 pupils where Dr Roberton-Albertyn discussed what motivated her to become a scientist and the importance of scientific outreach work.
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