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Franco–Scottish Seminar: Robotics

The RSE and the French Embassy in London are collaborating in a programme of science events designed to explore and publicly present areas of science in which both Scotland and France have a powerful presence.
Roddy Riddle Marathon photo

RSE@Inverness: ‘Finishing Unfinished Business’

Former Commonwealth cyclist, Roddy Riddle, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 40. Although he describes the initial diagnosis as ‘gut-wrenching’, through determination he has continued his active lifestyle. Join us at UHI’s Centre for Health Science to hear Roddy’s story.
Portrait of Rt Hon Ken Macintosh MSP

RSE@Inverness: Scotland’s Parliament 2030

Join the Rt Hon Ken Macintosh MSP, as he reflects on 20 years of devolution and looks ahead at the changing political landscape, his ambitions for parliamentary reform, and the trends that will shape our future.

Scotland’s Energy Future: Community Engagement – Dumfries

The RSE's Energy Inquiry aims to contribute to the important debate around Scotland’s energy supply, demand and use. As an important part of the RSE's major Inquiry, members of the Inquiry Committee will be travelling to Dumfries to engage with the local community on this topic.

Battling Killer Fungi

Fungi cause more than a billion skin infections, more than 100 million mucosal infections, 10 million serious allergies and more than a million deaths each year. This lecture will look at research to address the threat on how fungi causes diseases to design novel fungal diagnostics, and new antifungal treatments.
Image of Carlos Moedas

The Future of EU Research and Innovation

With the discussions on the design of the next framework programme underway, we find ourselves at a critical stage for research and innovation in Europe. In this lecture, European Commissioner for Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas, will offer his perspective on the future of research and innovation in Europe.
RSE@Inverness logo

RSE@Inverness Launch: ‘Ask the Expert’ Family Event

Join us for the launch of RSE@Inverness where RSE Fellows and other experts will be hosting interactive displays, activities, Q&A sessions and short talks on topics such as marine science, health and wellbeing, geology, earth sciences, space science, astrophysics, chemistry, language and storytelling.

Regional Migration: A Solution for Scotland?

As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, a substantial redesign of the immigration system is on the cards. This event, in partnership with IPPR, will explore the UK's options and potential solutions through presentations and discussions with migration and political experts.

Putting the ‘F’ in Chemistry: Molecular Exploration Through the Footnotes of the Periodic Table and our Nuclear Waste Legacy

The subtleties of structure and bonding in compounds of uranium, the heaviest naturally occurring element, and its neighbours in the f-block are still poorly-understood. Drawing on our research to make exotic new molecules from these metals, this lecture will explore what chemistry can teach us about these complicated but important metals.
Neil McLennan, Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen

Wilfred Owen’s Edinburgh Enlightenment

From late June to November in 1917, the soldier-poet Wilfred Owen recovered from shell shock at Craiglockhart War Hospital, near Edinburgh. For the last ten years, Neil McLennan has been researching Owen’s time in Edinburgh to better understand his experience and the influence the city had on him.
Photo of Dr Alan Gow

What Keeps You Sharp?

At Castle Douglas Town Hall Dr Alan Gow explored the questions “How do our thinking skills change as we age?” and “Do our lifestyles affect those changes?”. The audience heard what other people think about their thinking skills, saw how their beliefs matched those of the general public, and how all that matches current evidence.
Image of Peter Singer with sheep

Living an Ethical Life

Professor Peter Singer, one of the world's leading moral philosophers, explored what it means to live ethically in the 21st Century. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE - now at the George Square Lecture Theatre, University of Edinburgh
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