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The RSE President’s Lecture 2019

Professor Geoffrey Hinton FRS, the 'godfather of deep learning' will present this year's RSE President's Lecture. Professor Hinton was awarded the IEEE/RSE James Clerk Maxwell Award in 2016 for his pioneering and sustained contributions to machine learning.

Lecture: Prostate Cancer – a disease of our time

Prostate cancer continues to pose considerable controversies, and to attract interest and attention from the public, the media, scientists and urologists alike. This presentation will take you through a journey of evidence-based knowledge, examining in turn the old, the new, the good, the bad and the future, in managing this common and ubiquitous disease.

Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon

Wikipedia is the largest open knowledge resource in human history. However, currently less than 18% of biographies on the Wikipedia platform are about women. This information gap silences women’s contribution to science.

A Tale of Two Periodic Tables

Part of the Inverness Science Festival 2019, this public talk will be given by Emeritus Professor David Cole-Hamilton FRSE and researcher, M Pilar Gil, both from the University of St Andrews.

Being a Woman in Science: Changed Times?

Part of the Edinburgh Science Festival's programme; this was a fascinating event with three high-profile women scientists, as they discussed their personal experiences of being women in science.

Colours of Art and Science

Join us to discover how colour is important to medicine, photography, marine science, fashion, forensics, chemistry and much more!

Food for Thought

'Food for Thought' brings together a panel of experts to explore food in a very contemporary context.

The Art of Conversation

‘The Art of Conversation’ will bring together experts from various disciplines who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of how we talk to, and with, each other.
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