The RSE organises around 55 events each year including public lectures, conferences and discussion forums that are aimed both at the general public and the specialist.

The RSE’s independence and the breadth of its Fellowship combine to enable leading specialists, researchers and the general public to engage in well-informed debates on topical issues concerning the well-being of Scotland.

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The Independent Commission on Referendums: who, what, why and how

In October, the Constitution Unit launched an Independent Commission on Referendums, to review the role of referendums in British democracy. At this seminar, the chair and members of the Commission will discuss their task and the input they need from other experts and the public to ensure that the Commission draws on the widest possible evidence base.

What Can Space Do for You?

Humans have known for a long time that the Earth is finite but that it may continue for at least as many centuries as it has already. Unfortunately, human behave as if exactly the opposite is true; as if the planet is infinite and time limitless. Space is so vital for the future that all humans should become space actors, not simply spectators, and address one vital question, "what can I do for space?"

Scotland’s Energy Future: Community Engagement – Shetland

The RSE's Energy Inquiry aims to contribute to the important debate around Scotland’s energy supply, demand and use. As an important part of the RSE's major Inquiry, members of the Inquiry Committee will be travelling to Shetland to engage with the local community on this topic.

Variation in Scots

Join this panel discussion around the structure, history and evolution of the Scots language and its contribution to Scotland’s identity and future.

Pharmacology Futures 2018

The rich history of Edinburgh Pharmacology is being celebrated with a meeting on pharmacology’s future, one that highlights the importance of pharmacology in scientific discovery, the creation of new medicines and in understanding and minimising toxicity.

City Analytics

The conference aims to explore opportunities and challenges around the use of rich and varied data streams, to improve quality of human life in urban areas across the world.

Is Cancer Genetic?

Every year, a third of a million people in the UK are told they have cancer. At one level, every cancer is genetic because genes controlling cell division fail - but is that the whole story?