RSE events include public lectures, conferences and discussion forums that are aimed both at the general public and the specialist.

The RSE’s independence and the breadth of its Fellowship combine to enable leading specialists, researchers and the general public to engage in well-informed debates on topical issues concerning the well-being of Scotland.

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Dr Fred Freeman

Hamish Henderson – A New Voice

Freeman’s illustrated lecture draws enchanting musical examples from the singing of John Morran, a pre-eminent singer of the Scottish folk movement, and the lecturer’s own moving recitations.

Justice and History

In this year's annual joint RSE/Royal Institute of Philosophy (RIP) event, Professor Susan Neiman, Director of the Einstein Forum, will be discussing justice and history.

SUPA Cormack Astronomy Meeting 2019

Opportunity for research students and staff working in Scottish universities in the fields of Astronomy and Space Science to meet, discuss research and hear about new developments.