The RSE organises around 55 events each year including public lectures, conferences and discussion forums that are aimed both at the general public and the specialist.

The RSE’s independence and the breadth of its Fellowship combine to enable leading specialists, researchers and the general public to engage in well-informed debates on topical issues concerning the well-being of Scotland.

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Scotland’s Energy Future: Community Engagement – Dumfries

The RSE's Energy Inquiry aims to contribute to the important debate around Scotland’s energy supply, demand and use. As an important part of the RSE's major Inquiry, members of the Inquiry Committee will be travelling to Dumfries to engage with the local community on this topic.
Portrait of Rt Hon Ken Macintosh MSP

RSE@Inverness: Scotland’s Parliament 2030

Join the Rt Hon Ken Macintosh MSP, as he reflects on 20 years of devolution and looks ahead at the changing political landscape, his ambitions for parliamentary reform, and the trends that will shape our future.
Roddy Riddle Marathon photo

RSE@Inverness: ‘Finishing Unfinished Business’

Former Commonwealth cyclist, Roddy Riddle, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 40. Although he describes the initial diagnosis as ‘gut-wrenching’, through determination he has continued his active lifestyle. Join us at UHI’s Centre for Health Science to hear Roddy’s story.

Franco–Scottish Seminar: Robotics

The RSE and the French Embassy in London are collaborating in a programme of science events designed to explore and publicly present areas of science in which both Scotland and France have a powerful presence.
Dinosaur Skeleton

RSE@Inverness: Dino Digs & Monster Myths

Join us at the Inverness Town House for the RSE New Year Family Event. The theme of this year’s New Year Event is ‘Dino Digs and Monster Myths’ and will consider how myths, legends and scientific enquiry have combined to fascinate and inspire our ancient ancestors through to current generations.