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    The Royal Society of Edinburgh
    22-26 George Street
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What Can Space Do for You?

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The concept of Space is now familiar to the majority of humans, for example, through headlines reporting on astronauts or on the launch of a red roadster to Mars, or through the daily use of GPS terminals. But Space is much more than that;  it is a condition for the sustainability of humanity on Planet Earth.

Humans have known for a long time that the Earth is finite but that it may continue for at least as many centuries as it has already. Unfortunately, humans behave as if exactly the opposite is true; as if the planet is infinite and time limitless.

Space breaks that dead end, by extending the resources of the planet and thus removing its finite character as well as restoring time. We should therefore treat Space as a booster of innovation, a laboratory of cooperation and an instrument of education, the three pillars of a sustainable future.

Space is so vital for the future that all humans should become space actors, not simply spectators, and address one vital question, “what can I do for space?”

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Professor Dame Anne Glover DBE FRS FRSE


Mr Jean-Jacques Dordain, Former Director General of the European Space Agency ( 2003-2015)

Mr Dordain is an engineer in rocket propulsion and a professor in many schools and universities. In the past he was the Director of Strategy, Director of Launchers and DG at ESA for 20 years. He is currently an advisor of several governments in Europe and UAE.