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    STEM Hub, University of the Highlands and Islands
    An Lòchran, 10 Inverness Campus
    IV2 5NA

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Start-up Science Masterclasses for S1 & S2 Students: UHI Inverness

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Researchers at the University of Highlands and Islands are holding the following Start-Up Science and Technology Masterclasses, to conduct science experiments with S1 and S2 students:

3 November – The Breath of Life 1: Lungs, Lobes, and Laws

In this first of two masterclasses exploring the respiratory system, we will start by looking at animal lungs in the laboratory, and comparing these to images of human lungs, to identify similarities and differences. We will think about how human lungs work, and we will create our own model lungs, to explore the mechanics of breathing. We will also start to explore the impact of disease on human lungs, using anatomical models and images to identify the changes caused by illness or smoking.

10 November – The Breath of Life 2: Cycling, Puffing, and Pressing

In this second of two masterclasses exploring the respiratory system, we will explore the effect of exercise on the respiratory system. We will run several experiments that will allow pupils to measure and record their heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, respiratory rate, and the presence of carbon dioxide in the air they breathe out, before and after exercise. We will consider the importance of exercise to health, and will explore the role of health professionals when a person stops breathing, using resuscitation mannequins.

At these Masterclasses, students get up to all sorts of science and technology mischief!

The sessions are run in partnership with the University of Highlands and Islands, Inverness Campus and are intended to give young people who have shown an interest in science and technology the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience. The sessions promote participation and provide the students with a unique insight into academic life and research.

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The Science Masterclasses are completely free but have limited places available. Priority is given to students who can attend both classes. There is no limit to the number of students who apply from one school; however, places for each class are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. Once applications have been received we will correspond with students and parents at their home address. The RSE is Children's Scotland University Learning Destination, and you can collect two credits for attending each masterclass.