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    Suttie Centre for Teaching & Learning in Healthcare
    Foresterhill House, Ashgrove Rd W
    AB25 2ZD

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Start-up Science Masterclasses for S1 & S2 Students: University of Aberdeen

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Researchers at the University of Aberdeen used the Start-Up Science Masterclasses to work with S1 and S2 students to conduct science experiments with them.

  • 12 November– Interactive Clinical Skills: Students were introduced to Mr K, their simulator, to develop key clinical skills needed by those in the medical profession; from communication and examination to procedural processes.
  • 19 November – Interactive Trauma: Using the latest state-of-the art technology (Sim-Man) this Masterclass demonstrated how doctors in training are put through their paces in trauma management.
  • 26 November – Medical Science and Medical Imaging: Medical Sciences can be used in many different ways. This class demonstrated how they could be be applied in the discipline of forensic science to identify criminals. Students were able to identify a murderer using evidence found in a mocked-up crime scene.

The Start-up Science Masterclasses are run in partnership with, and took place at, the University of Aberdeen. The Masterclasses are intended to give young people who have shown an interest in science and technology the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience. The classes promote widening participation and provide the students with a unique insight into academic life and research.

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The Science Masterclasses are completely free but have limited places available! Priority is given to students who can attend all three classes. There is no limit to the number of students who apply from one school; however, places for each class are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. Once applications have been received we will correspond with students and parents at their home address. The RSE is Children's Scotland University Learning Destination, and you can collect two credits for attending each masterclass!