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    Italian Institute of Culture
    82 Nicolson Street
    EH8 9EW

Seeing What You Think: The Future of Artificial Intelligence-Driven Quantum Cameras

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The Italian Institute of Culture and the Italian Consulate, in collaboration with Italian Academics in Scotland, are pleased to announce a series of events where science meets the general public.

During this second event, Daniele Faccio FRSE will explain how a new camera technology, combined with artificial neural networks and artificial intelligence (AI), allows scientists to interpret the camera data, and start to take images that have the potential to revolutionise future society.

In conversation with Raffaella Ocone FRSE, Daniele will discuss about a specific example, imaging behind walls and around corners, before moving on to talk about the fascinating prospect of future cameras that can see inside your body or inside your brain. Such cameras could provide wearable technology that reads blood flow in the brain and relates this to thought processes.

The open discussion on the implications of portable or wearable brain-reading technology will touch upon medical and ethical aspects.

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