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    Bishop's Palace
    Eden Court, Bishop's Road
    IV3 5SA

[email protected] Inverness: Scotland’s Biodiversity – Ask the Experts Family Day

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[email protected] Inverness Family Day

Join us at Eden Court, Inverness for the Ask the Experts: Scotland’s Biodiversity Family Day.

At this Family Event, RSE Fellows and other experts will be offering interactive displays and activities, storytelling, Q&A sessions and short talks on topics including Marine Science, Scottish Wildcats, Butterfly Conservation, Wildlife of the Cairngorms, Scotland’s Woodlands and what we can do in our own gardens to assist biodiversity.

Storytelling with Allison Galbraith and Alan Crawford

10:15-11am Allison Galbraith The Web of Life – can a hedgehog outrun a fox? Age 7 and under
11:15-11:30 Alan Crawford The Songbird’s Surprise Age 7+
11:45-12:30 Allison Galbraith The Web of Life – swimming with seals and dancing with trees Age 7+
1:15 – 2pm Allison Galbraith Saving the Caledonian Forest – what our Scottish ancestors thought about the forces of nature and dragons All Ages
2:15 – 3pm Allison Galbraith What we Eat – do you need green fingers to grow vegetables? All Ages
 3:15 – 3:30 Alan Crawford In the Land of the Glittering Wood Moss Age 7+
 3:30 – 4pm Allison Galbraith Living in Harmony – Do wolves and squirrels make good pets? Age 7+

Ask the Experts Biodiversity Talks

 10am Professor Michael Usher FRSE Royal Society of Edinburgh Introduction
 10:15 – 10:45 Dr Kenny Taylor Wild to Wildest: Wildlife Wonders of the Cairngorms
 11:15 – 11:45 Professor Colin Moffat Marine Scotland Above and Below: The Mysteries of our Seas
 12:30 – 1pm Dr Keri Langridge Scottish Wildcat Action What is a Scottish Wildcat – and are there any left?
 1:30 – 2pm Tom Prescott Butterfly Conservation An Introduction to Moths and Mothing
 2:30 – 3pm Alan Crawford Woodland Trust The World of Woodland – What Scotland has to offer.
 3:30 – 4pm Dr Max Coleman Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Location, Location, Location: Making Homes for Wildlife

Meet the Biodiversity Experts – Displays and Activities

Butterfly Conservation, Wildflowers with Brian Ballinger, SEPA, RSPB, Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society, Marine Scotland, Royal Celtic Society, Scottish Wildcat Action, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Woodland Trust, Art Table.

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