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    Culloden Academy
    Keppoch Rd
    IV2 7JZ

[email protected] – Public Engagement Awards: ‘A Trillion Frames Per Second: Imaging at the Speed of Light’

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We are on the verge of a new technological revolution based on the wonders of quantum physics: unexpected and surprising technologies are emerging from the efforts of generations of scientists to understand the quantum world. One example, pioneered by a team of scientists based in Scotland, is a new generation of cameras that are so fast they can freeze light in motion. This allows us to see the world in completely new ways and do things that were not even imaginable a few years ago. We can see behind walls, we are making the first steps towards a new way to see inside the human body and in the near future, we may even be able to access the human brain.

Professor Faccio is the 2017 recipient of the RSE Senior Prize for Public Engagement. He and Dr Sinead Rhodes, recipient of the RSE Innovators Prize for Public Engagement, will be presented with their awards at this event.

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Prof. Daniele Faccio FRSE, Heriot-Watt University