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Global Mitochondrial Awareness Week 2020
Sharing stories from science and society on the powerhouse of the cell.

As part of Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 2020, this online webinar will share recent advances in mitochondria research from a mix of interdisciplinary perspectives, expertise, practice and personal experiences to explore the impact of mitochondria research and related disorders on society.

Mitochondria dysfunction underpins several common human diseases like cancer, neurodegeneration, diabetes and can even impact on viral infections like COVID-19. Mitochondria diseases are complex, incurable and often misdiagnosed. This event sheds lights on how mitochondria are made, how they sustain cell life under stress and how they can control cell death.

Intended for anyone who has a professional or personal interest in mitochondrial research, rare diseases, and how science and society can come together.

The event will be held in two parts with a short break held in between the sessions.

Part 1: The science – Debunking Mitochondria
Interdisciplinary approaches combining Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Data Science, Medicine and Early Career Research

  • Professor Bob Lightowlers – Professor of Molecular Neuroscience, Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research, Newcastle University
  • Dr Gloria Brea Calvo – Lecturer in Cell Biology, University Pablo Olavide, Sevilla
  • Professor Richard Hartley FRSC FRSB – Professor of Chemical Biology, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Stefan Jakobs – Director of Research, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry
  • Dr Hana Antonicka – Senior Researcher, Molecular Neurogenetics Lab, McGill University
  • Dr Bruno Chausse – Research Fellow, Institute of Pathophysiology, Medical Faculty, University of Heidelberg

Part 2: The Impact on Society
Local and International Patient perspectives, Sociology, Bioethics, Design and Public Engagement

  • Professor Simon Woods – Professor of Bioethics, Director of Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Lyndsey Butterworth – Head of Science communication, The Lilly Foundation
  • Dr Cathy Herbrand – Reader in Medical Sociology, De Montfort University
  • Elja van der Veer – Chair/President, International Mito Patients
  • Gemma Teal – Research Fellow Institute, Glasgow School of Art
  • Sneha Raman – Design Researcher, Digital Health Institute, Glasgow School of Art

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This is an RSE Regional Champions event, programmed in partnership with the University of Glasgow, Glasgow School of Art and Lily Foundation. Please note that we will share anonymised evaluation data with the partners post-event. 



Professor Kostas Tokatlidis FRSE, Elio Caccavale and Dr Michael Pierre Johnson


Professor Bob Lightowlers; Dr Gloria Brea Calvo; Professor Richard Hartley FRSC FRSB; Professor Stefan Jakobs; Dr Hana Antonicka; Dr Bruno Chausse (ECR); Professor Simon Woods
Dr Lyndsey Butterworth; Dr Cathy Herbrand; Elja va der Veer; Gemma Teal and Sneha Raman