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Migration: Challenges and Perspectives Lecture

Migration: Challenges and Perspectives is in collaboration with Cara and the RSE International Programme, Young Academy Scotland will host a lecture by Professor Dr. Klaus Zimmermann on the impact of refugee migration.

Human mobility remains a major issue for societies and academia, in particular with respect to forced migration and labour mobility. Its importance will increase in the face of rising global conflict, climate change, demographic imbalances, talent needs and populism. This lecture will outline challenges, virtues and benefits, and review how refugees and economic migrants perform. It will investigate the benefits of work-sharing, the tendency to specialise, the globalisation of work efforts and ethnic networks and diasporas. Migrants move largely for work and security, not for welfare benefits; they typically do not take jobs away or depress wages, but improve the wellbeing of natives. Lessons for the controversial policy debates are drawn.

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Professor Dr. Klaus Zimmermann, Michael Worton, Alice Konig and Marcel Jaspers

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Professor Dr. Klaus Zimmermann is a German economist and emeritus professor of economics at Bonn University. Additionally, he is an honorary professor at Maastricht University, the Free University of Berlin and the Renmin University of China as well as president of the Global Labor Organization and Co-Director of the Centre for Population, Development and Labour Economics at UNU-MERIT. His research interests include population, labour, development and migration.