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    The Royal Society of Edinburgh
    22-26 George Street
    EH2 2PQ

Joint Annual RSE/SCRR Peter Wilson Lecture: Lost in Translation

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RSE/SCRR Peter Wilson Lecture

The world of science is beguilingly simple as we construct hypotheses, test them and then make conclusions relevant to the evidence. This is a continuous process refined over time. Politicians also claim to want evidence to form the basis of their policies but sometimes the evidence is not consistent with their philosophies or is at odds with other considerations such as economic factors. How are we then to ensure that politicians and policymakers have access to the best possible advice when we know that the advice may not be taken? How do we deal with uncertainty in translating that advice to policymakers and should science advisers be in the business of providing policy options based on the available evidence? The lecture drew upon experience in providing science advice to government and administrations in Scotland and in Europe.

This was the 2016 Joint Annual RSE/Peter Wilson lecture, organised in partnership with the Scottish Consortium for Rural Research (SCRR).

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Professor Dame Anne Glover DBE FRSE, Vice-Principal External Affairs & Dean for Europe, University of Aberdeen