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    Eden Court Inverness
    Bishops Road
    IV3 5SA

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Fascinating Futures

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Family Activities Day

Drop in to one of our talks to discover fascinating future developments in medicine, forensic science, tourism, gaming, astrobiology and much more – find all the details in our programme!

Fascinating Futures Programme of Talks & Workshops

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Science Ceilidh: Getting Creative & Musical with Science
11:15-12:00 & 13:45-14:30

Come find out all about the science of music, from the physics of instruments to the benefits of playing an instrument to your brain! With live music and hands-on demonstrations for families and adults, come along and maybe even try your hand at an Orcadian Strip the Helix or Canadian Brain Dance at the end!

Scottish Stories About the Sea

Selkies are mythical Scottish creatures that are part seal and part human. In this session selkie woman Murdina will tell old and new stories about living below the waves.

Crime Squirrel Investigators: The Naughty Nut Thief
Rosie’s secret hazelnut store has been ransacked and her best friend Charlie agrees to help her to find the naughty nut thief. Discover the different ways animals eat nuts with songs, science, woodpecker hip-hop and a water squirting squirrel. (Suitable for ages 4-7 years).

Balloon to the Moon

Why did a sheep make the first hot-air balloon flight? Do you have what it takes to be an astronaut? Which animal was the first to see the far side of the moon? Will you ever have that holiday on Mars? Join Gil Arbuthnott to find out about the history of space travel, from the balloon flight that started it all, to the Apollo moon landings and beyond.

Can’t-Dance-Cameron: A Scottish Capercaillie Story
Cameron the capercaillie is the worst dancer in the Scottish Cairngorms, but maybe with the help of his new friend, Hazel the red squirrel, he’ll learn some great moves! Can’t-Dance-Cameron is a brilliant story about believing in yourself, full of fun actions, sounds and dancing. (Suitable for ages 4-7 years).

Your Brilliant Brain

Do all animals have a brain? Just how good is your memory? Can you really trust what you see? And do you have a superpower? Come along and find out about the workings of the amazing organ that we all take a bit too much for granted.


Interactive Displays – available all day!
Along with exhibits on astrobiology, the future of food, gaming, and neurobiology you can help the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science to raise standards of forensic science in their project Forensic Science: Sole Searching; discover how useful our seaweed can be and what you can do to help save our seas with the Marine Conservation Society; and get a sneak peak at the RSE’s Women in Science Exhibit that focuses on and celebrates some of the exceptional women scientists within the RSE’s Fellowship.