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    The Royal Society of Edinburgh
    22-26 George Street
    EH2 2PQ

Enlightening the Constitutional Debate: Currency, Banking & Taxation

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Debate Series

The issues surrounding currency, taxation, banking and regulation in the event of major constitutional change in Scotland following the 2014 Referendum have already generated much interest and argument. As part of their ‘Enlightening the Constitutional Debate’ Series, the RSE and the British Academy held a private seminar on these issues in London in July. A report of that seminar is available on the RSE website. On 29 January 2014 the RSE hosted a public seminar examining these issues in a forum that allowed for debate and discussion.

The seminar discussed questions concerning banking and financial services, the currency options that would be available to an independent Scotland, the implications for fiscal rules and financial regulations, and the implications for taxation and public expenditure.

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Event report


Ms Sarah Smith, Newscaster, Channel 4 News


Professor John Kay CBE, FBA, FRSE, Economist;
Dr Angus Armstrong, Director of Macroeconomic Research, National Institute of Economic and Social Research;
Ms Jo Armstrong, Independent Economist;
Professor Gavin McCrone CB FRSE, Former Chief Economic Adviser, Scottish Office.