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    The Royal Society of Edinburgh
    22-26 George Street
    EH2 2PQ

Edinburgh International Festival 2013: How Art Intersects with Technology in Cinema

This event has passed


Moshe Kam of Drexel University, Philadelphia, discussed the never-ending cycle of advancements in cinema, that provide for expanded artistic freedom and in turn lead to new technological opportunities.

Festival 2013 threw light on the relationships between artists and technologies: how new developments can influence how artists work and how in turn influence technologies. This programme of talks and discussions highlighted moments when changes and advances in technology enter our lives and affect them in ways we could never have predicted.

This event formed a part of the Edinburgh Festival 2013. Supported by the RSE.

Event report


Sir John Arbuthnott, Former President of the RSE


Moshe Kam of Drexel University, Philadelphia