Enlightening the Constitutional Debate: Scotland & the European Union

The first of the series of ten events on Enlightening the Constitutional Debate in advance of the forthcoming referendum on Scotland’s future relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom will take place this week. These have been organised in partnership between the RSE and the British Academy.

The issue of Scottish independence is the biggest constitutional issue facing the UK at the moment, with far- reaching implications for all UK citizens.

The first event will be on “Scotland and the EU” in Edinburgh starting at 5pm on Wednesday 13 March. Subsequent events in Scotland will be on: Defence and International Relations; The Real Economy; Culture & Broadcasting; Borders, Immigration and Citizenship; Science and Higher Education; and, Public Services and Welfare. There will also be three smaller policy forums in London on: Tax and Spending; Monetary Policy; and, Historical, Legal & Constitutional Issues.

The Scotland and the EU event will be chaired by the journalist Peter Jones.

Read the full press release: Enlightening the Constitutional Debate: Scotland & the European Union